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Pink Transfer, Inc. Moving & Storage is a professional company that has been in the industry since 1928. We have helped libraries, museums and other public buildings in the area move from one location to another successfully and affordably. Our dedicated movers have the experience and knowledge to handle any move. Whether you are making a local move or long distance move, we are prepared to provide you with the resources you need in order to relocate your business successfully. Our highly-trained team of movers are able to move libraries and museums of any size, so no job is too big or too small. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure delicate antique books and artifacts are handled with care to prevent any damages during the moving process. We are also experienced in moving large fixtures and furniture without a problem, so you can have peace of mind knowing all your bookshelves, lounge chairs, and exhibits will get to their destination safely and securely. Whatever the requirements may be for your move, we are ready to customize our services to fit them.

Local Library Moving

We have the expertise and equipment to ensure delicate antique books and artifacts are handled with care to prevent any damages during the moving process.

Libraries are an essential part of our community and we appreciate the work and dedication of the staff in our local libraries. We at Pink Transfer want to ensure that the public continues to have access to the learning tools, collections of books and other valuable resources that libraries provide. If you are planning a library relocation, we are here to assist you with the move. We can provide exceptional moving and storage services for your library, whether it is a small independent library or a substantial university library. You won’t have to worry about the numerous books in your collection, electronics, CDs, audio tapes, shelves or any other asset in your library. Pink Transfer understands the intricate details that go into a library move. Our movers take extreme care and consideration into every move, especially one that impacts the community and general public. When you choose the professionals at Pink Transfer, your relocation will be completed on budget and with little downtime to make sure it is up and running as soon as possible.

Moving a library to another building is a large task that requires great attention for a successful delivery from point A to point B. Whether the move is across the street or across the state, our movers will dedicate their efforts to making sure every single book is accounted for and that organization within your collection is maintained. With our advanced equipment, packing services, and thoroughly inspected trucks, you can rest assured that your library move will be smooth sailing when moving with Pink Transfer. From documents, files, books and newspaper archives to computers, desks, shelves and chairs, rely on us to take care of it all without missing a beat.

Museum and Exhibit Moving Services

Museums are equally as important to the community as it opens new worlds and cultures for all visitors. Museums allow for incredible learning opportunities for children and adults alike. Pink Transfer appreciates the rare exhibits and collections within museums and understands they need to be handled with the utmost care and respect when relocating. Our movers have the expertise to move a museum wherever the destination may be. Museum moves are complex and it’s critical that an experienced, professional moving company is hired for the job. When you move with our company, you reduce the risk of loss and damage as we utilize the proper equipment and protective materials to ensure all delicate items are completely secure. Whether it’s art, history or science, we understand the significance and value that each and every piece in a gallery holds. With our team of highly-skilled movers and access to our resources and equipment, you can have confidence knowing all assets are in safe hands throughout your museum move from start to finish.

Pasadena Moving & Storage Company

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Get your relocation process started by hiring the highly-trained and knowledgeable movers at Pink Transfer Moving & Storage. Our professional moving company delivers nothing but excellent customer service. We offer full-service moving in Monrovia and its surrounding areas to libraries, museums, offices and other businesses. We will work with you to create a unique move plan that fits all of your needs. Our access to a nationwide network of expert movers allows us to provide you with long distance moving services anywhere in the country. We also provide short and long-term storage options in our warehouse for convenient use at any time during your moving process. Get your stress-free library move or museum relocation started by giving us a call or by filling out our online form for a free quote today!