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Records Management

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If you need to store sensitive records from your home or business, you should choose a records management service you trust.

Pink Transfer Moving & Storage has been in business since 1928, moving and storing records for clients in the Los Angeles area. Our secure records management services include:

  • Clean and safe warehouse storage
  • Secure office records storage

When storing your sensitive documents, you need to trust the company you hire. That’s why we are:

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Are organized and thorough with inventory tracking systems in place
  • A proud member of the California Moving & Storage Association
  • Recommended highly by our past customers

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Our office building in Monrovia, CA.

Keeping your most sensitive documents safe is important, they should never just be laying around your home or office. Whether you own a business, work from home or just want your documents to be secure, professional records management is a great option.

Pink’s records management services are a great solution to creating space in your home or office and always ensuring your documents are safe.

Our expertise in storage is backed by our 90+ years of experience in the industry. At Pink Transfer Moving & Storage, we guarantee all our customers excellent customer service and pride ourselves on our secure and efficient records management.

Our records management options

At Pink, our professional records management services are flexible. We offer two options to meet your needs:

  • Store your documents in a traditional office space
  • Store your records in our 50,000+ square foot warehouse

Both options are located in Monrovia. Only authorized, background-checked employees can access either of these locations, so you can rest assured your documents will remain safe in Pink’s hands.

Store your records in our office space

If you don’t have many documents to store, or you want easy access to your documents, storing them in our available office space is the option for you.

We have dedicated offices for document storage that are kept locked and not accessed unless needed. The building is otherwise occupied by Pink’s offices, and all our employees have proper authorization to come in and out of the building.

Setting aside a dedicated, secure room for your belongings makes accessing them easier. You can access your documents whenever you need them, all you have to do is pay a fee and make an appointment with our professional staff.

Store your records in our secure warehouse

If you have boxes of documents that you want to keep, but don’t need in your day-to-day operations, warehouse storage is a great option.

Before storing your items, our experts will take an inventory of your documents, mark them for easy referral and record their location for your convenience.

Warehouse storage offers the most security, with 24/7 monitoring and surveillance cameras. Utilizing this option means your documents are stowed away but can be accessed via an appointment and a labor fee to retrieve your belongings.

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Whichever option you choose, Pink’s professional records management services are flexible to fit your needs and always secure. At Pink, we value your records as if they were our own and always make sure they are safe from harm and damage. Call us at (888) 746-5668 today or fill out our online quote form today!