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Your move is serious, that’s why you need a moving company with the expertise, care, and experience of Pink Transfer Moving & Storage. We are the only local moving company in the state that can take you across state lines to 10 different states outside of California while using the same driver and crew. Not only are we fully certified, but we also offer services to make your move stress-free:

  • We have a variety of boxes to perfectly fit any item in order to keep them safe
  • We offer secure warehouse storage
  • We provide packing and unpacking all of your items or just a portion of your items, at your discretion

It’s understandable that you want a moving company that you trust. That why we are:

  • Certified to move in 11 states including California
  • A member of the California Moving & Storage Association
  • Recommended highly by our past customers

If you’re moving to Utah from California and want a same truck, same crew move, then call us at (888) 774-5668 or complete your free quote form now!

California to Utah Movers

Utah is a wonderful state to live in. It’s the 9th safest state and it has an incredibly low unemployment rate of 2.9%, the youngest population in the U.S., and maybe most importantly, gorgeous mountains lining the horizon. It’s an incredibly diverse state with Salt Lake City having one of the biggest LGBTQ+ populations.

Living in Utah is also good for your wallet. Everything from housing, groceries, childcare, and more are cheaper in Utah than in California. Utah’s housing market has been rising tremendously over recent years, so buying a home will double as an investment, as your home’s price will likely trend upwards in the future. The cost of living is 32.3% higher in California than in Utah.

Whatever you’re looking for it can be found in the unique state of Utah. If you’re moving from California, reach out to us over the phone or fill out a free quote form today!

California to Utah Movers

A Look at Some of the Best Cities in Utah:

Salt Lake City: The biggest city in Utah has attracted so many people for a reason. There are an incredible amount of places to check out. If you love animals you can head over to the Hogle Zoo, the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, or the Tracy Aviary. If athletics are more your thing, you can test your skills at the Utah Olympics Venue or watch major league basketball or soccer as Salt Lake City is home to the Utah Jazz and Real Salt Lake.

Salt Lake City is an incredible city. There is so much to do that we haven’t even been able to mention a fraction of it. There are a large number of restaurants, museums, and shops to check out as well.

Provo: Home to Brigham Young University, this town has grown tremendously since its foundation. A perk of living in this college town is being able to check out the fascinating museums that the University offers. With places like the Monte L. Bean Science Museum and the BYU Museum of Paleontology, there is no shortage of interesting things to see.

Torrey: Named after Jay L. Torrey, who founded the famous cavalry regiment known as the Rough Riders, Torrey is an outdoorsy person’s dream. This small town is in close proximity to everything natural Utah has to offer. You will be close to sprawling green meadows, the mountains of Fishlake, Dixie National Forest, desert landscapes, and gorgeous alpine lakes. In the town, you’ll find a number of cafes and restaurants as well as many odes to the city’s pioneer past.

Planning a move to Utah

We all know how dense many parts of California are. While this has many downsides, this does have the perk of great public transportation. This means you might not own a car, but you will when you’re in Utah. The state is much more spread out, so unless you’re in Salt Lake, a car is a necessity. Keep this in mind while budgeting your move.

While there is a misconception that Utah is a “dry state”, which would mean the sale of alcohol is forbidden, there are some rules to become familiar with when moving to Utah. Firstly, you should know that while grocery stores and convenience stores do sell liquor, it is required by law to have low alcohol content. You can get alcohol with the same alcohol content as other states by going to a liquor store, but keep in mind there are heavy taxes. Those taxes can tempt people into buying alcohol in a neighboring state and bringing it across the border, but remember that doing that is illegal.

If you’re looking to do more research on a moving company, check out the federal mover database to see where they’re located, safety information, and complaint history. As seen in the data for Pink Transfer, no complaints were filed against the company in the last four years.

Call us if you have any questions and we’ll walk you through the process. Another option is to look at the Buyer’s Guide for Household Moves to find answers to frequently asked questions and definitions of moving terms that you might see.

Services for Moving to Utah from California

We want to make your move seamless and effective. To do this we offer a variety of services to best meet your needs, including:

  • Same truck and same crew all the way
  • Partial or full packing and unpacking
  • Disassembly and reassembly of larger items
  • Specialty boxes to fit any item
  • A free quote!

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We are proud to be the only moving company that will take you to 10 different states outside California with the same crew and the #1 inter-state moving company in all of Southern California.

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