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Tips for Moving to the Greater Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles seen from San Gabriel Mountains

Living Near Santa Monica Beach and the Pacific Ocean

Los Angeles isn’t located on the ocean, but it is just a short drive away on I-10.

A major reason to love living in the greater Los Angeles area is being able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and boardwalks. Los Angeles isn’t located on the ocean, but it is just a short drive away on I-10. The Pacific Ocean is only 15 miles away where you can relax at the Santa Monica State Beach, or nearby Will Robers State Beach. At the beach, you can unwind from the busy city and enjoy some outdoor activities like biking, longboarding, surfing, kiteboarding, rollerblading, beach volleyball and much more. While visiting Malibu Beach, you might see a famous actor or celebrity. Here is a list of some of the best beaches to visit in Greater Los Angeles:The Pacific Ocean and a local California beach

  • Venice Beach
  • Santa Monica State Beach
  • Playa Del Rey Beach
  • El Matador State Beach
  • El Porto Beach
  • Zuma Beach
  • Surfrider Beach
  • Dockweiler State Beach
  • Rosie’s Dog Beach
  • Leo Carrillo State Park

Latin Cuisine Amore

Los Angeles has some of the best Mexican food in the United States, and you will be missing out if you don’t explore the culinary mastery found here.Southwestern style corn tacos

  • Loteria Grill
  • Burritos La Palma
  • Tocaya Organica
  • El Compadre
  • Guisados
  • La Casita Mexicana
  • Corazon y Miel
  • Coni‘Seafood, and much more

The Cost of Living when Moving to Los Angeles

If you are planning on moving to the greater Los Angeles area, you need to have a plan and some savings. Los Angeles has relatively expensive apartment rent and real estate markets compared to the average, so you need to anticipate that cost into your planning. Have a job lined up ahead of time. Taking a trip there can let you get familiar with the area and you can apply for jobs during your visit as well as online.

Hollywood and a Career in the Entertainment Industry

The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, CA

If you have a passion for film and entertainment, living in Los Angeles will be a dream come true. To start a career editing, lighting, filming, designing, acting, or creating graphics for the entertainment industry, you need to be here in Hollywood.

Moving to Los Angeles after College

California is certainly a destination for many graduating college students in America and around the globe. The greater Los Angeles area offers so much cultural diversity, excellent weather, glitz and glamour, and the appeal of beginning a successful career in the Golden State.

L.A. Traffic

Los Angeles cityscape and San Gabriel Mountains

Moving to Greater Los Angeles will mean you have to learn how to navigate the congested roadways. Try to avoid the roads from 3:30-7:30 so you can have a clean path home. If you are commuting, plan to stop somewhere and enjoy yourself while the traffic dies down. The 405 is the most congested and clogged route to take, so try using alternatives such as Sepulveda Boulevard, Aviation Boulevard or Vista del Mar.