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Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Becoming a property owner is an important phase in anyone’s life. Gaining independence, seeing new sights, and becoming a member of a community is something to be proud of. Before you can get settled in to your new residence, however, it’s important to take the necessary action to carefully pack your belongings. If it’s your first move or even the tenth, gathering all your valuables in a short amount of time may be challenging. However, we’ve compiled a list of steps you can take next time you’re moving quickly and in a crunch for time.

Organize Before You Pack

pack toiletries separately

Prior to storing away your belongings, one of our packing tips for moving is sorting out all your items. For instance, round up all the things you need on a daily basis – toiletries, clothes, sentimental objects, etc. – and place them in their own pile. This pile is can be packed right away and immediately unboxed after your move. Perform this step in every room that currently has possessions. Once you’ve managed to determine what is important for your day to day routine, you can start sorting all the other items left over.

Our second recommendation for how to pack for a move quickly is learning how to let go of some items. While it may be enticing to just bring everything with you, you can save yourself some time and headaches if you consider parting with some assets. So, a good rule of thumb is anything that you haven’t used in the past year is something that is just taking up space. Instead of worrying about packing these things away, consider donating them to charity or just throwing them out entirely.

One last consideration you can make during the moving process is hiring a moving company. Now, of course you don’t want just anyone handling your stuff. You need safe movers who will take their time to transport all your belongings carefully and on schedule. We advise checking local listings for regarded moving companies and contacting them directly to coordinate what items you’ll need moved as well as the cost.

Packing Tips for Moving Close

Relocating to an area that’s nearby has a distinct advantage. For one, you can reach out to friends and family who are close and ask for their help in transporting your materials. This can save time and avoid the costs that come with moving services. If that falls through, don’t fret. Instead, make sure you’ve completed our packing tips for moving that are listed above. In addition to sorting your valuables, it’s important that you keep each box organized and labeled. That means making sure the contents of each box are destined for the same room in your new abode. If you don’t have the means to sort through each dresser, cabinet or drawer separately, reach out to a local moving company. Generally, these movers can be accommodating and haul your larger items like dressers with clothing already inside.

Top Pasadena Movers

Ensuring your possessions are kept in excellent condition is a must in any moving scenario, especially when moving in a hurry. For this reason, you should spend a fair amount of time acquainting yourself with local moving companies in your area. Many offer free quotes and in-home estimates, but your research shouldn’t stop there. See what’s being said about the company online. Check online for reviews by prior customers, see if the company is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and make sure they possess the proper licensing for the task at hand. Knowledge is power when it comes to moving and the more you know about who is handling your stuff, the better. One Pasadena based moving company that has a proven track record of over 80 years of service is yours truly: Pink Transfer Moving & Storage. Our accredited employees go the extra mile to guarantee your belongings arrive in great condition, and we offer a variety of moving packages and item bundles that can fit virtually every need.