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Pink Moving’s Most Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Do I need to pay for clothing wardrobes?

We allow the use of clothing wardrobes at no additional cost for all local moves. If we bring the wardrobes at the beginning of the day and take them back at the end of the same day there is no charge. If you need the wardrobes prior to the move or need to keep them at the end of the job we will then charge for the wardrobes.

Our long-term reputation is much important than short term gains.

How far in advance should I reserve a date for my move?

We recommend you give us as much notice as possible. The ideal time would be two to four weeks prior to your move date to ensure we can meet your preferred dates. We are a company that only books the number of jobs, trucks and men, that we can properly service. Our long-term reputation is much important than short term gains.

When and what forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept credit cards, cash or personal checks on local moving and storage jobs. We do not accept personal checks on out of state moves; credit cards, cashier’s checks or cash are acceptable forms of payment for long distance moves. Payment is due at the completion of all local moves, upon arrival on out of state moves.

Will the movers disassemble and reassemble furniture?

Certainly. There are some exclusions such as ready to assemble furniture, pool tables, and some home gyms. We can refer you to well qualified companies if we cant help.

What size boxes should I use to pack?

The density of the item that is being boxed determines the size of the box. Heavy items like books, canned goods and flatware need to be packed into smaller boxes, bulky articles such as lamps shades and comforters may be packed into larger boxes.

What if I do not have boxes for my lamps, mirrors and flat screen TV?

We have specialty boxes for paintings, lamps and flat screen TV’s. Customers must contact our office prior to the move date to determine what packing materials will be needed for your breakables.

Does the packing of my breakables and the moving of my belongings take place on the same day?

We typically will accomplish the packing on one day and the moving the following day. However, if you need help packing only a few things we can often take care of both on the same day.

Are my goods covered for loss and damage?

Yes. The Public Utilities Commission regulates all licensed movers in the state of California. The PUC requires that licensed movers must provide a minimal valuation coverage in the amount of “sixty cents per pound per article” at no additional charge for all moves that take place within the state. You may purchase additional full value coverage with a choice of deductibles should you require additional coverage.