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4 Factors in Calculating Piano Moving Cost

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So, you’re moving and are facing the challenge of transporting your piano. That is no easy task and we understand if it is causing stress for your move. Luckily for you, there are a lot of moving companies that offer a piano moving service. Professional piano movers know the in and outs to execute a piano move. You should always hire professionals because trying to move a piano yourself could result in serious injury or damage to you, your piano and your home. Not having the knowledge or proper piano moving equipment can result in a even greater headache for you.

Now we know what your thinking…how much does it cost to move a piano? There are typically four factors that can influence the overall cost of your piano move. Moving companies tend to give you a price based off an hourly rate or fixed rate. The hourly rate covers the cost of labor as well as the equipment used. Some moving companies also base their price off fixed rates. These rates are usually determined by experience and other variables included in the piano move.

Regardless of how the moving company chooses their pricing there are factors that you need to take in account that could possibly affect your piano moving cost.

1. Location

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Like all moving services, where you plan on moving your piano to will influence your overall cost. The distance of the move can be factored into the hourly rate or fixed cost depending on the moving company you choose. If you’re traveling long-distance you’re going to see a higher rate unlike if you were moving the piano from the store to your home or within your home.
Most piano moving companies include the location with their initial moving quote. If you’re using a moving company for more than just transporting your piano it is best to ask for a relocation quote specifically for just the piano. This could give you an estimated price for what it costs to move your piano solely.

2. Type of Piano

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The type of piano you have can factor into the moving cost as well. The size, weight and shape of your piano are all factors in how the piano is transported. Typically, the larger the piano the more money it will cost to move it. The shape can also bring challenges in moving the piano out of the home or into the new location. Awkward shaped pianos require more planning and possibly disassembly in order to move.
Some pianos also have various parts and attachments that can factor into the price as well. When you have a large piano with various parts it is going to be necessary to remove these components for proper transportation. That means more movers and equipment will be needed, potentially increasing your price. It is no surprise that moving a grand piano will cost more than moving a spinet or console piano.
Our advice is to know your piano and the components that go with it. That can give you a idea for how difficult it will be to transport the piano and the possible cost it will entail.

3. Piano Placement

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Piano placement is also something to consider when estimating the cost for moving your piano. Starting at your home, where the piano currently is can bring challenges to the moving company. If stairs are a factor in getting your piano out of the house, then more personnel and equipment are going to be needed. This can also be applied to where you’re moving the piano to.
Also, placing your piano in a certain location may require disassembly and reassembly. The way your current or future home is laid out can also pose challenges for piano moving. Places with tight hallways or winding stair cases are going to require you to disassemble your piano just to get it to the place you wish to put it. Again, this takes more time, personnel and equipment to do, so it will influence your overall cost.
Some moving companies have the expertise and equipment needed to get your piano in the place you want it. They typically include these factors in their moving quote as well. Some companies even offer disassembly and reassembly of your piano and will offer you this service if needed.

4. Storage Needs

Although it does not directly relate to the piano moving cost, if you plan on storing your piano you need to consider storage prices. Even if you need to store your piano temporarily there is a cost, and this can be added to your overall piano moving price. Some storage facilities also may have requirements for storing a piano with them. For example, if they can’t fit the piano in their warehouse or storage unit, you may have to resort to disassembling your piano once again. This again could cost more time and money.
Do some research in your area and determine what the best storage method may be for you. You should want a storage facility that is secure, and government inspected. It is also important to know if the warehouse is climate-controlled. Even if you have to pay a little more money it is best to go with a storage option that will keep your piano safe and damage free.
A lot moving and storage companies offer warehouse storage themselves and could be a viable option for storing your piano.

Affordable Piano Movers and Storage

There are a few affordable piano movers in Pasadena, that can help with your piano move. Moving and storage companies know the frustration a piano move can bring for a customer. However, that is why they are there. Knowing the factors moving and storage companies take into account when determining pricing for piano moving will give you an idea of how much it is going to cost you. Some companies offer fixed or hourly rates, and you should know which one benefits you. As much skill as moving a piano requires it is best to hire professionals. Moving a piano yourself or with an ill-equipped moving company could cost more in damages then going with a reliable and professional mover.
A good piano moving company will disassemble and reassemble your piano, move your piano to your designated location without damage, and will have the trained professionals and equipment needed for performing the task. A good piano moving company will offer you a competitive rate and will ensure proper transportation of you piano easing your mind of any stress or concerns.