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Interstate Moving Tips from Southern California to Seattle

Seattle and Southern California are very different places. Even though they are both on the West Coast, they have diverse climates and cultures. If you are a Southern Californian, here are some tips to help you prepare, and avoid any surprises, before you make your move to Seattle.

Moving Tips from Southern California to Seattle

  1. Climate:
  2. Seattle, Washington

    Weather in Seattle is very different from SoCal’s weather. Even though Seattle’s weather is considered temperate, it still gets colder than SoCal. Seattle is also well-known for its gray and rainy days. Fortunately, when it rains in Seattle, it usually is only a mist. Most people don’t carry umbrellas in the Emerald City. If you’re from Southern California, it’s likely that you’ll need to buy a few colder weather clothes before you make the long distance move to Seattle, like long-sleeved shirts and coats. Don’t forget about summer, though. The weather is great, and there are plenty of places to enjoy it—including beaches, hiking trails and of course, the spectacular view of Mt. Rainier!

  1. Real Estate:
  2. Seattle’s rent is expensive compared to most places, however, it’s expensive in Southern California as well, maybe even more so. Luckily, there are a variety of houses and apartments to choose from in Seattle. There are interesting neighborhoods as well. Some of them are: Ballard, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Greenlake, Issaquah Highlands, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne and Wallingford. Additionally, the housing market in Seattle is very competitive, so if you find a place you may want to move to, make sure to schedule a tour right away. If you can’t make it to Seattle to see the place in person, ask if you can have a video tour.

  1. Food:
  2. Seattle has an incredible variety of food options, even for those with dietary restrictions, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. However, prepare to pay a pretty penny for some produce. And don’t forget about coffee! Seattleites love their coffee, and even though Starbucks was founded in Seattle, it is not the only option. Make sure to check out all the yummy brews Seattle has to offer when you move there.

  1. Transportation:
  2. Like SoCal, you’ll find that traffic in Seattle is very heavy. But don’t start rethinking your Seattle move yet– fortunately, there’s lots of public transportation that you can utilize, unlike here in Southern California.

  1. Things to Do:
  2. The great thing about moving to a new place is the new experiences you’ll have. In addition to going to the beach, hiking and checking out the food scene, here are a few more things you can do once you make the move from Southern California to Seattle.

    • Wine and Beer Tasting –
    • public market center in Seattle

      Yakima Valley in Washington is one of the largest hop producers in the world. Therefore, you’re bound to find some great breweries. Check them out yourself or go on a brewery tour. Additionally, there is a variety of wineries you can visit, including Columbia Winery and Novelty Hill Januik.

    • Live Music –
    • Seattle is the home of Nirvana, and started the grunge music scene. Enjoy Seattle’s great music scene by checking out some live music. Music venues that you can visit after you move to Seattle include: Tacoma Dome, The Crocodile, Key Arena, Neptune Theatre and more.

    • Skiing and Snowboarding –
    • These are great new experiences for Southern California natives. Check out some nearby ski resorts like Crystal Mountain and Mt. Baker.

Move to Seattle with Pasadena Interstate Movers

Interstate moves can be a hassle, so it’s important to be prepared. That’s why the interstate movers at Pink Transfer provided these Seattle moving tips so your long distance move from SoCal to Seattle is made easy.