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10 Priceless Tips For Your California-To-Portland Long Distance Move

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Sometimes life takes you places. Whether you’re moving out of state from Southern California to Portland, Oregon for work or you just miss the beauty (and inconveniences) of having four distinct seasons, you’ll probably have to choose an interstate moving company for your out of state move. Choosing the right interstate movers can be a daunting process, and we can help.

From cleaning your house to downsizing, as well as choosing a long distance moving company and planning for the unpacking stages of your move, this blog offers 10 tips that will help you with every part of the out of state moving process. Your move from Southern California to Portland, Oregon doesn’t have to be difficult. These 10 out of state moving tips will help you pull off your long distance move without a hitch.

Think of the Weather

Don’t lose track of your rain gear. Portland is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, and it gets a lot of rain, especially compared to sunny Southern California. The rainiest months are November through January, but there can be heavy storms at the height of summer, so make sure you don’t pack your rain gear away in a box.

Renovate Your New Home Before Unpacking

You’ll never have an easier time renovating your new house than while it’s completely empty. So, from painting walls to completely overhauling a kitchen, it’s easier to finish renovations before your long distance move is complete.

Use This Opportunity to Clean and Downsize

Out-of-state moving provides the perfect opportunity for you to clean, organize, and downsize your belongings. After all, the fewer things you must move, the fewer boxes you will have to unpack when you move into your new home. Here’s a pro-tip: many local charities will allow you to schedule pick-ups, where their employees will come to you to pick up items that you would like to donate.

Consider Selling and Replacing Your Large Appliances

Out-of-state moving is a great way to save weight and cut costs during your move. It can be hard to pull the trigger on costly appliance upgrades, but if you sell off those old appliances before moving, your truck load will weigh less, and this can save you big money on your out-of-state move. Then you can take those savings and apply them to the new appliances you’ve been eyeing.

Lists, Lists and More Lists

Lists will be your best friend. Organize and separate your belongings before your interstate movers arrive and try to keep lists of which items end up in which boxes. Long distance moving will always be complicated, so keeping a detailed planning list will help you stay organized, which will make unpacking in your new Portland home as quick & easy as possible.

Leak-Proof Liquid Containers

You might not want to let your half-finished shampoo bottles or cleaning supplies go to waste by dumping them out before your move, but if you are packing liquids in your shipment, make sure to leak-proof the containers. For bottles, putting plastic wrap under the bottle lids will keep them from leaking. For other liquid containers, consider buying new leak-proof containers or wrapping them in air-tight bags.

Look at Reviews

Make sure to look through all the online reviews you can find before deciding on the out-of-state moving company you want to work with. Angie’s List, Yelp, Yellow Pages and the Better Business Bureau are just a few reputable sources of customer reviews.

Get an In-Home Estimate

Getting an in-home estimate is the best way for you to make sure your interstate moving company is providing you with the most accurate cost estimate for your long distance move. We always recommend getting a binding estimate when collecting estimates for your interstate move. This helps you budget accurately for your move.

Plan Your Budget

Getting a binding in-home estimate is an important part of planning the budget for your move. You should never have to worry about hidden fees if you choose a reputable interstate moving company, but other surprise costs can always come up while travelling to a new state. Make sure you budget well for food and travel expenses, and make room in your budget to accommodate emergencies, especially for families.

Watch Out for Customer Service Red Flags

For an interstate move, you need a responsive, understanding moving company. Long distance moving requires a close moving-company-to-client relationship. If you have any experiences with a potential long distance moving company that leaves a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach during the estimate stage from an interstate moving company, then run. Some red flags to watch out for: difficulty reaching your moving agent, not asking about your moving needs or a negative interaction with the staff of the long distance moving company. These are all signs that they are not the right long distance movers for you.