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International Moving Costs When You’re Moving to or from Los Angeles

There are a lot of costs to consider when you’re moving internationally, and many factors that will influence overseas moving costs. Understanding international moving costs before you make your move will ensure you’re prepared to pay these costs as well as show you ways in which you can save money.

International Moving Cost Factors

These factors all influence what your final cost will be when moving overseas.

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  • Distance: The farther you’re moving, the more expensive it will be. However, if you’re moving between common destinations such as Europe and Los Angeles, then the price will be lower because of competition. If your route is not as common, such as Los Angeles to southeast Asia, then it is likely to be costlier as there is not as much competition between moving companies.
  • Size and Weight of Possessions: The heavier and larger the load is, or if you’re shipping a vehicle, the heftier the shipping prices will be. What exactly it is that you are shipping also plays a factor in cost. If you are shipping specialty items such as paintings and vintage furniture, the cost will go up as the international movers will make special accommodations when moving these items.
  • Air, Sea, or Ground Shipping: Ground and sea shipping tend to be the cheaper options; however, these choices take much longer. If you need to be at your new destination at a specific time, or if you can’t be without your belongings for an extended period, then air transportation, though it might be pricier, might be a better option for you.

International Moving Service

What services you need for your international move will also influence the cost.

  • Storage Services: If your goods arrive before you, or you are still looking for a place to live in Los Angeles, it is likely that you’ll need somewhere to store them. Here at Pink Transfer, we offer short and long-term storage, and our climate-controlled storage units can store anything, even specialty items like antiques while protecting them from damage. Additionally, we provide a free storage quote!
  • Packing and Unpacking Services: Having your international mover pack and unpack your possessions for you will save a lot of time and hassle. If you do decide to buy packing and unpacking services, Pink Transfer provides free padding and wrapping to help cut your packing costs.
  • Insurance: Determine whether the insurance cost is included in a mover’s quote. If it is not, determine if you need to insure your items, whether it’s recommended that you insure your items, the cost of insuring your items, and what the insurance covers.

Housing Costs

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  • Temporary housing: Will you need temporary housing before your shipment arrives or while you’re looking for more permanent housing? This can get costly, so make sure you budget correctly.
  • Permanent Housing: Be sure to do your research prior to selecting a permanent housing option. The Los Angeles area on average has a higher cost of living compared to other locations in the United States. Finding a roommate to live with might be a good route if you’re looking to save on bills. It’s important to be mindful of Los Angeles prices and how far your money will go after you exchange it into US dollars. Additionally, make sure you know not only your monthly payment but the taxes and fees you will be required to pay.

Miscellaneous Costs

  • Wardrobe: If you are moving to Los Angeles, it’s important to have enough warm weather clothes, as it’s fairly warm all year round. If you’re moving from LA, make sure you understand your new country’s weather averages so you know if you need to buy more cold weather clothes.
  • Transportation: If you did not ship your vehicle to your new country, figure out how you will travel. In Los Angeles, and unlike in other major US cities, it’s pertinent that you have a car to get around. If you’re moving from LA to a different country, determine what is the best and cheapest way to get around.
  • Furnishings and Decor: Will you need to buy furniture, appliances and/or décor, once you move? Determine your budget for this beforehand, and prioritize buying furniture or appliances that you need, before the things that you want.

Moving internationally can be a pricey and confusing experience. Here at Pink Transfer, our Pasadena movers make the move to or from Los Angeles as easy as possible at an affordable price. We are insured, and have been family owned and operated for over 80 years. Call our Pasadena overseas movers today for a free quote!