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Moving a Gun Safe

Moving a Gun Safe, Safely

Heavy duty safe

A packed gun safe can easily weigh more than a small elephant and has the potential to be more than a little bit dangerous. We always recommend that you hire professionals for moves like this, but sometimes life gets complicated. So how can you make sure that you’re prepared to safely move your gun safe?

When it comes to moving a gun safe, you’ll need to plan accordingly, because moving a gun safe can be a dangerous proposition if you don’t prepare. Here are some tips on what you need to do to prepare to move your heavy-duty gun safe.

Correctly Moving A Gun Safe

There’s a right way to move a gun safe to reduce damage and the risk of injury. The process requires some special tools and experience but will work for most electronic lock gun safes. We always recommend you leave the moving of heavy-duty gun safes and other specialty moves to the professionals, but if you find that you need to do it yourself, make sure you move your gun safe the right way. Here’s our step-by-step guide to preparing your gun safe and moving it the right way.

Whether you have a small heavy safe to move or you’re moving a large heavy-duty gun safe, you’ll need to use some equipment to transfer it.

1. Empty Your Gun Safe Before Moving It

It something that’s worth repeating: don’t move your gun safe while it’s loaded. If you don’t empty it, it’s possible that, in the case of your gun safe being dropped or any other accident occurring, you can risk damage to your equipment, and that can add up to expensive repairs. And please, don’t move loaded guns inside your gun safe. Just saying.

2. Get Gun Safe Moving Equipment

Don’t cut corners when it comes to gathering the proper gun safe moving equipment. Heavy-duty moves require heavy duty equipment.

From renting a strong gun safe moving dolly cart to remembering to acquire gloves, secure quick access straps and a big, sturdy truck to load it onto, make sure all your bases are covered. It’s also worth considering using additional gun safe moving equipment like pallet jacks.

The best way to move a gun safe is with a dolly, but you’ll need to know how heavy your gun safe is first. Read the manual that came with your equipment or call the manufacturer to see how much weight your gun safe moving dolly can hold.

You’ll also want to check the dimensions of your gun safe. This will give you an idea of which gun safe moving equipment is made to carry a firearms safe that size.

You can rent certain gun safe moving equipment if you don’t have any on hand. You’ll also need straps to secure the safe onto the gun safe moving equipment.

securing strap

Will it fit through your doorways or staircase? Find out by measuring the areas of your home you’ll be transferring it through. Remove all the items in your gun safe to ensure that you’re not carrying more weight than needed.

Make sure you have a few people to help you with this. Don’t try to move the gun safe by yourself! All of you should wear protective gloves and covered shoes.

Put the gun safe moving dolly right next to the safe so you can easily load it. Have one person holding the dolly and someone on each side of it.Using the combined strength of all the people holding the gun safe, tilt the gun safe ever so slightly while the other person slides the gun safe moving dolly underneath it. Now, strap the gun safe securely to the dolly.

You’ll also have to have someone along both sides of the dolly walking with you while you’re moving the gun safe. This will help you keep it balanced and avoid any mishaps during transport. Carefully walk the gun safe to your desired destination.

3. Identify Obstacles In The Way of Moving Your Gun Safe

Stairwells, tight hallways and small door frames are just a few of the major obstacles that can make your gun safe move more difficult. Special gun safe equipment, such as stair-climbing dollies, will make this task much more manageable.

Additionally, it is important to know the exact specifications of your gun safe.

Measure your safe to know its dimensions before you start and plan the path you will need to follow once you arrive at your destination and before you begin to move your gun safe.

4. Secure Your Gun Safe Before You Move It

Make sure you use those straps you bought or borrowed. They will be great for keeping your gun safe from rolling off the dolly while you’re transporting it from your house to the truck, as well as securing the gun safe during transport.

5. Gather Strong, Experienced Moving Help

Work Gloves

When it comes to moving a gun safe, the more help you have, the merrier you’ll be! If you don’t have professional moving experience, then make sure you can gather a crew of strong friends who have experience moving heavy objects, such as a piano or a hot tub. What you might lack in professional experience, you can more than make up for by mobilizing a strong crew of eager movers to lift, carry or load (or maybe just watch from the house) your gun safe move. Always make sure your crew wears gloves. Friends don’t let friends risk getting their fingers crushed. Lastly, make sure everyone drinks lots of water, because moving a gun safe is difficult work!

Southern California Gun Safe Movers

And there it is: if you acquired all the necessary equipment and a strong group of friends, relatives or professionals to assist your gun safe move, you should be ready to load your safe back up and enjoy its new place here in Southern California.

Gun Safe Moving Checklist

Always remember to follow these gun safe moving tips before you start

Having made a well-thought plan for moving your gun safe is indispensable. Just remember to follow the gun sage moving tips below.

And if challenges do arise in the planning or execution of your move, call certified professionals to give you a quote for moving your heavy-duty gun safe. Most certified movers have experience moving large and heavy items, as well as navigating any potential obstacles, such as stairs and challenging doorways.

  • Empty Your Gun Safe Before Moving It
  • Get the Proper Equipment to Move A Gun Safe
  • Identify the Obstacles in the Way of Moving Your Gun Safe
  • Secure Your Gun Safe Before You Move It
  • Gather Strong, Experienced Moving Help

We always recommend hiring a professional gun safe moving company instead of trying to pull off complicated, possibly dangerous moves yourself, which this is.

Moving a Gun Safe Upstairs or Downstairs

walking up stairs

Moving a gun safe up or down the stairs is an even trickier feat, but with the right equipment and planning, you can make it work. Rent a motorized stair-climbing dolly to transfer your gun safe up or down a flight of stairs.

Stair-climbing dollies come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the right one to move your gun safe. Moving a gun safe with an electric stair-climbing dolly will make the process a lot easier and safer. However, if you don’t think you’ll be able to handle moving your gun safe without damage or injury, be sure to call on the help of professionals to help you get the job done.

Pasadena Gun Safe Moving Costs

Because of the sheer nature of their size, gun safe moving costs often fluctuate depending on the individual situation. One way you can keep moving costs low is by ensuring that your gun safe is free of all contents. This means the gun safe moving company you choose won’t have to go through and unload your firearms for you.

Most gun safes are bolted to the ground upon installation. If you’re planning a gun safe move, it would be in your best interests to unbolt the gun safe from its anchor points. However, if unfastening the bolts is too strenuous of a task, we recommend that you leave the heavy lifting to the gun safe moving company. Again, this means that the gun safe movers you’re relying on will spend less time prepping and more time moving if you are able to unbolt it yourself.

Simply put: The less work they have to do for you, the less the overall cost will be.

Hiring a Gun Safe Moving Company in Southern California

Moving Company Staff

Gun safes are heavy, there’s no doubt about that. Safes can weigh thousands of pounds, so moving them can be a tricky endeavor. If you’re moving and you need to transfer your gun safe, money safe, or any type of safe, you’ll need to make a smart plan.

Moving a gun safe can be unsafe if you don’t follow the proper guidelines we outlined above, so you’ll need to prepare accordingly. Safely and efficiently move your gun safe with gun safe moving tips from this professional blog.

Hiring gun safe movers is usually your best bet to transfer your heavy gun safe safely. You might feel more comfortable knowing that professionals are taking care of the hard work for you and that you are in safe hands. Research Pasadena gun safe movers who have experience with moving safes, such as yours truly at Pink Transfer Moving & Storage! No matter if you’re moving from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica, or from downtown Los Angeles to Palm Springs we have you covered.

Using a gun safe moving company instead of attempting a DIY move can save you from potential injuries that might occur when trying to move a safe with friends or family. Your safety always comes first. If you’re uncomfortable moving a gun safe on your own, call trusted gun safe movers in your area to help!